PRIMA 4928.S

Tata Prima 4928.S is a member of the popular Tata Prima series of trucks. It is a tractor cum trailer truck. This truck is equipped with Cummins 6 ISBe 270 30 water-cooled, direct injection, Turbo-charged diesel Engine of 6700cc. The engine of this vehicle complies with the BS-III emission norms and has a grade ability of 26.2%. With a payload capacity of 39570 kg, this truck can carry loads of cement bags, steel coils, and other cargo from one place to another. Mated to manual transmission single disc dry friction type clutch and a 9-speed gearbox, this tractor trailer is quite popular among the cargo carriers.

The engine of Tata Prima 4928.S can churn out a maximum power of 263.3 BHP at 2500 RPM and maximum torque of 970 Nm at 1200-1700 RPM. The design and build of the vehicle can be customized as per the requirements of the company. With a sleeper cabin, this truck offers a whole lot of other comfort features such as the power steering, air conditioner, cruise control, driver information display, armrest, and much more. It is also loaded with remarkable safety features such as air brakes, fog lights, ABS, and seatbelts. Fully floating front and rear axle along with parabolic leaf spring front suspension and bogie rear suspension provide additional safety to the driver and the goods to be transported. It can carry about 700 liters of fuel at a time and thus is appropriate for long-distance transportation.