Tata Motors launches Application bodies on TATA ACE in Bangladesh

Dhaka, November 19, 2019: Tata Motors, India’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturer, along with its authorized distributor Nitol Motors Ltd., today launched various application bodies on its platform ACE in Bangladesh. The Special Application vehicles have been designed for the modern commercial vehicle customer of Bangladesh, with superior performance and efficient load carrying capability to maximize business revenue and profits.


Tata Ace is a perfect cargo transportation solution for the Bangladeshi customer in the Small Commercial Vehicle category.  The various applications launched today will further strengthen the market leadership of Tata ACE in the mini-truck segment. These applications are -


1)    Tata Ace Poultry Van – Unique caged body with robust design to carry maximum numbers of Chickens safely and efficiently

2)    Tata Ace Water Jar Carrier – Ergonomically designed body for carrying maximum load and ease of loading / unloading the bottle jars

3)    Tata Ace LPG Cylinder Carrier – Innovative design to optimize space, giving opportunity to maximize business at the last mile retailer

4)    Tata Ace Glass Carrier - Exceptionally designed body built with full proof systems to carry glass safely maintaining quality and maximizing profit

5)    Tata Ace Vegetable Vending Van – Pioneering body design for mobile vegetable shop offering unlimited opportunities for young aspiring entrepreneurs

6)    Tata Ace Cold Chain Transport Solution: To transport frozen meats, ice cream, pharmaceuticals that require cooling.

7)    Tata Ace Covered Van – Ideal application for FMGG, white goods, pharmaceutical distribution.

8)    Tata Ace Bakery Van – Capability of Tata Ace to negotiate narrow lanes coupled with a state-of-art designed body-bringing food from bakery to table.


Speaking on the occasion Mr. Rudrarup Maitra, Head - International Business- Commercial Vehicles, Tata Motors said, “The Ace Application vehicles have been specifically designed keeping in mind the unique local Bangladesh market loading requirements and duty cycle. The Tata Ace with its unique advantages, now coupled with customized fully built bodies will be the best choice for customers in this segment. We are confident of further strengthening our market leadership in Bangladesh with this launch.”


Speaking at the event, Mr. Abdul Matlub Ahmed, Chairman, Nitol Motors Ltd., said, “Our local expertise coupled with a robust dealer network across the country has been crucial to our success in Small Commercial Vehicle Segment thus far. With our partner Tata Motors, we are confident about making a significant impact in the Small Commercial Vehicle segment with Tata Ace application Vehicles and thus winning a significant market share.”